A young person with a diagnosis of Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) recently came to the Healing Centre at Eastgate. This condition meant they were unable to eat gluten, dairy, soy and fish without being very sick.

Whilst being prayed for they experienced a sensation of heat in their body.  

The person's mother contacted the Healing Centre two weeks later with news of what had happened since their visit. She wrote:

"We have been testing all of these foods over the past two weeks.  He should be in agony after what he has eaten but it gives so much joy to say he is feeling amazing and the best he has in years.  The other remarkable thing is his mental state has changed in an instant.  He was in the depths of dark thoughts and an anger that was frightening in an instant it has been replaced with a joy and a lightness like we have never seen before."

The mother also wrote that they would be getting in touch with her sons medical team with to discuss with them what has happened.  

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